Mar. 23rd, 2011

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[profile] annerbhp did this yesterday and so I shall steal it. What follows is a list of things that have brought me joy over the past few weeks.

* I just finished this really great book, Elizabeth's Women which focuses on the women in Elizabeth I's life. It looks at her family (mother, sister, step mothers), her ladies in waiting, her governesses, her rivals, her foes, etc and how they all shaped or where shaped by her. As most books focus on Dudley and Cecil, this perspective was really quite awesome and makes me twitch to write a thesis on that bright light of female empowerment that was her time period (not just her but all the other strong female leaders) and then the backlash against them.

* If you did not read the link, What the Stormtroopers Really Thought of Vader that [profile] annerbhp posted yesterday, go - go now. I'll wait.

* I also bring you the BBC parody of Downton Abbey for Red Nose Day. Hilarious. There is also a part two that is just as good.

* The Cherry Blossoms are in bloom and I hope to get a run in today for pictures. (I'm ignoring the inducing of my allergies and the overwhelming multitude of tourists.)

* I am utterly in love with Fringe and thrilled beyond words that Community was renewed.I've enjoyed Mr. Sunshine if only for the image of Alison Janney kicking Smurfette's ass.

* F1 starts next week as does baseball.

* I still have a job and slightly convinced my boss that I am capable of working from home. Oh! And friend of mine made me french toast cupcakes with maple frosting and bacon bits. HOLY CRAP GOOD!


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