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So we bridge the gap from Summer Tv to Fall Tv and I must say, I really love Summer TV so much more than Fall. Here is what I watched and I plan on watching. I'm cutting the whole thing as am lazy.

However, most of what I think of the new season can be summed up here: What happened to all the women?

What I watched:

Rizzoli and Isles is just awesome. I love the strong women, I love the male characters, the stories are interesting, and it is all around awesome. The finale actually made me jump a couple of times and it was just flat out creepy. I do like how they aren't at all perfect and I find it to be the truest example of female friendship that I've seen in awhile.

Leverage is still shiny and happy, but the schemes were way out there this season. But I did love, love, *love* the Hardison/Parker stuff - er. Minus that horrid World War II episode in which the accents made me want to stab my ear drums.

White Collar is pretty. So very pretty.

Burn Notice - I no longer care.

Warehouse 13 is just a happy, go lucky show that can be silly and stupid and makes me smile. There isn't a lot to it and that is okay, although they did talk about torture in a way that was interesting and didn't really flinch from reality.

Eureka - I will miss the show but in a way, I think it is time to wrap it up. The reset worked for some but failed for others and I hate that Zoe is no longer on the scene. Or when she is, she is kind of not great.

Alphas - I kind of like this show. It is still finding its feet, but I adore the Bill and Gary show so very much.

Haven - Holy crap do I love this show. I love Audrey and Duke and Nate. I love that his dad had a cleaner and I love the twists and turns. It's just a thinky show and I *miss* those.

Necessary Roughness - Oh yeah. Love this show too. TK is hilarious. Dani is amusing and I am so so on the Nico/Dani train it isn't even funny. Her kids are kind of awful sometimes and I miss the best friend, but the rest is pretty fun to watch.

What I will be watching:

Community is a given. If you have watched this show yet, what the hell is wrong with you?

Big Bang Theory still makes me laugh out loud some time.

The Middle and Modern Family are pretty funny and good for wasting a bit of time.

Fringe - duh. It's one of the best tv shows on right now, hands down.

The Sing Off is awesome. Period.

I am curious about the Ringer and Revenge, and that is about it.

So what about you?


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