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Sep. 29th, 2011 10:14 am
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I wasn't expecting much from the slate of new shows. In fact, I still haven't gotten around to watching Ringer yet and just deleted the comedies off my DVR. I caught both the Playboy Club and Pan Am and was bored. While I didn't find it offensive to women, I had to roll my eyes at the whole, "wasn't life so great when everything was black and white and everyone had their own special little corner" crap. However, after watching two episodes live (I never do that), I can say that I am head over heels for Revenge.

For starters, the acting is fantastic. I've never been impressed by Emily VanCamp but holy god is she good in this show. She goes from being nice, cute, young thing to "I will stab you with a pencil while I bring holy hell down upon you and not mess up my hair" in the blink of an eye. The moment those who done her wrong turn their backs, you can feel the hatred coming off of her in waves. But when confronted by things from her past that meant a great deal, she is in shock and befuddled and little innocence slips through. So good.

Madeline So evil. So confusing. So icy. So much love.

Nolan is an interesting character as well as I think he is probably the nicest of them all but will do whatever it takes to protect Emily/Amanda. There is so much more to him and I like that he seemed taken aback about why the boat was sold to him.

Josh is...bleh. But I love Sam.

Daniel is curious because you know he dies in the first 3 minutes of the pilot. You think that Emily/Amanda did it but maybe not and the development of the relationship is rather fascinating as you know it's doomed from the start.

The pace is quick, the plot moves along and twists upon itself and the characters are just awesome. Love, love, love.


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