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 Roland Emmerich wants to do a Stargate Trilogy.  Um.....


(Unless I can get back Sam and Teal'c and Cam and Vala too...)

((Am the only flashing to the dreaded teenage SG1 version from "200"?)


Jan. 31st, 2012 08:40 pm
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Susan G Komen will no longer be providing funding to Planned Parenthood for breast cancer screening. The reason is because they were pressured to by pro-life groups. Also, their new VP of Policy ran for office on the platform of defunding Planned Parenthood.

It's horrific her politics now means low income people will suffer. Disguesting.

The article is here: The article is here.
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Stumbled onto this page which has a few clips from the upcoming The Last Airbender sequel.

It looks rather awesome and I read on CNN that there is now a comic book dedicated to the series.
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I hope everyone had a merry, happy insert holiday here.

This is making the rounds, but I had to share it. I adore this little girl and applaud her parents.

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I had to do the Redial recap for Road Not Taken last night. It's been far too long since I've seen an episode and oh how I missed it.

Of course the result is that I had a dream I was living back at my parents house in Vermont (that they no longer live in) and Amanda Tapping was our new neighbor. Seems she didn't like me prattling on about the show in the dream as they then moved. Sigh....

Also, please, please, please tell me there is a Dr Rodney McKay vs Dr Sheldon Cooper story out there somewhere in the interwebs. Please oh please oh please.....
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Is it bad I didn't recognize Richard Dean Anderson in his 2 minute stint on last night's Raising Hope until the last minute?

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‎"And that is why I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. Sometimes we must interfere." - Elie Wiesel accepting his Nobel Peace Prize in 1986.

When I was six or seven, my parents took my sister and I to see Sesame Street Live!. I don't recall at one point during this show this occurred, but I vividly recall the events. My mother spotted a guy pulling out a knife and holding it against his child's neck. She pointed it out to my dad and while he ran over to grab the guy, she went to find a police officer. The guy was arrested and I know my parents sat there with two very freaked out children while someone came for them. This whole time my sister (who was two or three) sat and watched the show. But I remember them jumping into action and it impacted my life more than one would think.

Because for me, not speaking up is not an option. I pester, I call the cops, I casually place myself between people arguing on the Metro, I've mastered the art of the glare and the "you've got to be kidding" stare. It's almost amusing how just staring at someone as they act like an asshole can stop them. But I am a coward. I've seen a knife pulled and you bet I ran the other way. I also called the cops, but I ran away. I admit if I thought my own personal physical safety was at risk, I would not stick around. Cut for Graphic Stuff )

Show Love

Sep. 29th, 2011 10:14 am
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I wasn't expecting much from the slate of new shows. In fact, I still haven't gotten around to watching Ringer yet and just deleted the comedies off my DVR. I caught both the Playboy Club and Pan Am and was bored. While I didn't find it offensive to women, I had to roll my eyes at the whole, "wasn't life so great when everything was black and white and everyone had their own special little corner" crap. However, after watching two episodes live (I never do that), I can say that I am head over heels for Revenge.

Revenge is a dish best served now )


Sep. 20th, 2011 08:18 pm
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So we bridge the gap from Summer Tv to Fall Tv and I must say, I really love Summer TV so much more than Fall. Here is what I watched and I plan on watching. I'm cutting the whole thing as am lazy.

However, most of what I think of the new season can be summed up here: What happened to all the women?

tv! )

So what about you?

two things

Aug. 10th, 2011 04:01 pm
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I am interested in that the reviews for the new movie, The Help discuss the idea of White Savior and if it is more insulting than not. But all say the actresses are superb and not to be missed.

Second, came across this Obit in the Post on Nancy Wake, the "White Mouse", a resistance fighter during WW2. She is my new hero and here is hoping there is a biography out there somewhere.
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I live in DC and have very little paitience with politics. I work in politics and have very little patience for the wheeling and dealing and jackasses that have our country by the nose.

But then there are moments when you stop and realize that maybe, just maybe, there is still good out there.

Congresswoman Giffords surprised her colleagues by walking into the Chamber and casting her vote since she was shot in the head. I doubt even Aaron Sorkin could've captured the response.

Weclome back, Congresswoman Giffords
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Of interest:

From the Post: SlutWalks and the Future of Feminism.

Or the radical notion that the phrase "Women should feel safe except when they
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I swear there are days when I just get utterly and completely obsessed with something to the point it is the main topic of conversation with people and sucks up a great deal of "research" time at work.

Currently it is all about whether or not to buy a portable AC unit for my place. Every summer, there are at least two posts about how my damn AC unit failed due to the complex's cooling tower breaking etc. Last year, there were three weeks of unreliable use during the hottest summer on record.

Today it is suppose to be 100. You read that right. I'm pretty sure I will return home and find a very hot dog because this is just the type of weather that crashes the system. A neighbor has one of the portable AC units as window units are banned. She called it a god send as she too is on the top floor which can be tricky to keep cool on even normal days.

So after much research, I found the perfect one that is still not super cheap, but not $400 either. It weighs half of what others weigh and has the best reviews.

And yet, I still cannot pull the trigger on it. I have the webpage bookmarked, I've sent the link to friends, I have talked A's ear off about this, and a whole host of other things. I am going out of my mind and cannot make said mind up. A is beginning to think I am flat out nuts.

GAH. And GAH again.


May. 26th, 2011 08:32 am
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Summer is finally here in DC. Ick. We had such a lovely spring (read rainy and cold - just how I like it) that the sudden heat and humidity that will be with us from here on out is making me super cranky.

However! Summer means some good movies, concerts, and summer TV. When did summer tv become the best TV?

There will be Covert Affairs, White Collar, Psych, Burn Notice, Memphis Beat, Rizzoli and Isis, Drop Dead Diva, Haven (WHY!!! aren't more people watching this??), Warehouse 13, SYTYCD, Eureka, curious about Alphas.

So so excited! What shows are you all looking forward to?

Now fingers crossed the heat isn't like last year, the tornadoes stop, and my ac doesn't kaput for three weeks straight.
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Spent another weekend out of town due to a friend's emergency.

I did stumble upon this in today's Post and thought you'd all find it interesting.

Sci Fi and Fantasy Writers Hold Convention
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Harry Potter Trailer

Holy. Crap.

Cannot wait.

I also cannot wait for this tornado laden storm to get the fark out of town. One touched down near my parents house - a little to close for comfort. And a gust wind blew into my house last night that was so strong it knocked the lamp off my nightstand.

Am also considering rooting for my beloved Caps to loose so A will shave that damn play off beard.
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I am actually not locking this as I'm curious what everyone will have to say.

Birth control options for women suck. They really do.

I was on the pill for years and it was a revelation when I went off of it. I lost weight, stopped having migraines, skin cleared up, anxiety lessened etc.

Now that I am in a serious relationship and exploring BC options, I am slightly bothered by the long lists of side effects/issues listed with each of them.

I am considering the IUD but have been told that it could be a problem as I've never had a kid.

I am really interested in what options other people have settled on. I suppose I could go back to the pill, but I really hate the idea of it.

I've allowed anonymous commenting as well.
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[profile] annerbhp did this yesterday and so I shall steal it. What follows is a list of things that have brought me joy over the past few weeks.

* I just finished this really great book, Elizabeth's Women which focuses on the women in Elizabeth I's life. It looks at her family (mother, sister, step mothers), her ladies in waiting, her governesses, her rivals, her foes, etc and how they all shaped or where shaped by her. As most books focus on Dudley and Cecil, this perspective was really quite awesome and makes me twitch to write a thesis on that bright light of female empowerment that was her time period (not just her but all the other strong female leaders) and then the backlash against them.

* If you did not read the link, What the Stormtroopers Really Thought of Vader that [profile] annerbhp posted yesterday, go - go now. I'll wait.

* I also bring you the BBC parody of Downton Abbey for Red Nose Day. Hilarious. There is also a part two that is just as good.

* The Cherry Blossoms are in bloom and I hope to get a run in today for pictures. (I'm ignoring the inducing of my allergies and the overwhelming multitude of tourists.)

* I am utterly in love with Fringe and thrilled beyond words that Community was renewed.I've enjoyed Mr. Sunshine if only for the image of Alison Janney kicking Smurfette's ass.

* F1 starts next week as does baseball.

* I still have a job and slightly convinced my boss that I am capable of working from home. Oh! And friend of mine made me french toast cupcakes with maple frosting and bacon bits. HOLY CRAP GOOD!


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