May. 31st, 2011

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I swear there are days when I just get utterly and completely obsessed with something to the point it is the main topic of conversation with people and sucks up a great deal of "research" time at work.

Currently it is all about whether or not to buy a portable AC unit for my place. Every summer, there are at least two posts about how my damn AC unit failed due to the complex's cooling tower breaking etc. Last year, there were three weeks of unreliable use during the hottest summer on record.

Today it is suppose to be 100. You read that right. I'm pretty sure I will return home and find a very hot dog because this is just the type of weather that crashes the system. A neighbor has one of the portable AC units as window units are banned. She called it a god send as she too is on the top floor which can be tricky to keep cool on even normal days.

So after much research, I found the perfect one that is still not super cheap, but not $400 either. It weighs half of what others weigh and has the best reviews.

And yet, I still cannot pull the trigger on it. I have the webpage bookmarked, I've sent the link to friends, I have talked A's ear off about this, and a whole host of other things. I am going out of my mind and cannot make said mind up. A is beginning to think I am flat out nuts.

GAH. And GAH again.


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